Design of a unique air distributor

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  The nitrogen system takes the natural air as the raw material and uses the energy saving design technology to ensure the highest nitrogen production with the lowest raw material air, the whole machine is less consumed and the cost of nitrogen is low. Advanced adsorption tower design, completely out of the traditional "diameter-height ratio" design concept, the size of the adsorber structure depends on the size of the air flow and molecular sieve characteristics.

  The unique design of air distributor prevents short-circuit channel flow of air flow and makes the air flow in the adsorption bed more uniform, thus improving the utilization of adsorbent. The air flow direction in the absorber is invariable by auto pressing the cylinder device and the unique air intake mode, so as to avoid the fatigue wear of the adsorbent during the frequent switching period and effectively ensure the service life of the adsorbent for up to 10 years.

  Air through the air filter to remove dust and mechanical impurities into the air compressor, compression, oil removal, water removal, dedusting purification, and then into the adsorption tower, the air oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen separation, PSA export gas is nitrogen and trace of argon and oxygen, nitrogen purity of 95%-99.9%.


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