Characteristics of special nitrogen making machine in different industries

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  Nitrogen machine is widely used in various industries, different industries use their own special nitrogen machine, so the operation and production of nitrogen machine will be different. The principle of the general nitrogen making machine is that the automatic charge system is carried out in accordance with the programmable program, thereby alternately pressurizing adsorption and pressurizing regeneration to effectively separate nitrogen and oxygen to produce high purity nitrogen.

  The nitrogen making machine in the oil and natural gas industry is suitable for the exploitation of oil and natural gas, the protection of nitrogen in the coastal and deep-sea oil and natural gas, covering, emergency, maintenance, nitrogen injection and other fields, and has the characteristics of strong adaptability, high safety and continuous production. The special nitrogen making machine of the electronic industry is suitable for the field of semiconductor production and packaging, the production of electronic components and the production of lithium battery. The nitrogen making machine has the characteristics of high purity, small volume, low energy consumption and low noise. The nitrogen making machine in food industry is suitable for food nitrogen filling, vegetable preservation and grain green storage.


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