Scope of application of PSA oxygen making machine

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PSA oxygen making machine can be used in many industries, such as metal industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, glass industry, fish farming, oil and gas industry, etc.

PSA oxygen making machine
PSA oxygen making machine is also used in metallurgical industry electric arc furnace steelmaking, blast furnace ironmaking oxygen enrichment, shaft furnace oxygen enrichment non-ferrous smelting industry lead smelting, copper smelting, zinc smelting, aluminum smelting, various furnaces and kilns oxygen-enriched environmental protection industry drinking water Treatment, wastewater treatment, pulp bleaching, sewage biochemical treatment, various oxidation reactions in the chemical industry, ozone production, coal gasification and other industrial fermentation, cutting, glass furnace, air conditioning, waste incineration, medical oxygen bar, oxygen therapy, sports health care , aquaculture marine, freshwater aquaculture.
Features of PSA oxygen making machine:
1. The unit is simple, and the moving equipment is only air compressor and cooler.
2. The requirement for molecular sieve is relatively low, the same oxygen production equipment, the amount of molecular sieve is less.
3. PSA oxygen making machine equipment is small in size, so its cost is relatively low.
4. The automation degree of the whole equipment is relatively low. The air compressor, freeze dryer/condenser can be controlled separately from the oxygen generator to start and stop, or can be controlled in linkage.
The application range of PSA oxygen making machine is introduced here, I hope it will help you.


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