The operating principle and features of PSA nitrogen making machine

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Through the name of the PSA nitrogen making machine, we can easily determine that the role of the PSA nitrogen making machine is to generate nitrogen. However, since we don't need nitrogen in our daily life, we rarely see PSA nitrogen making machine.

PSA nitrogen making machine

The operation of the PSA nitrogen making machine uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption to extract nitrogen from the air. It uses carbon molecules as adsorbents. Because nitrogen is accumulated under high pressure, it is easy to produce a large amount of pure nitrogen. Then reduce the pressure again to remove some useless gas impurities from the machine, and finally get only the nitrogen we need. Since air is inexhaustible, it is very convenient to use PSA nitrogen making machine to produce air, and it will not cause chemical pollution to the air, and it is environmentally friendly.

The job description of PSA nitrogen making machine is very simple. This is the process of generating nitrogen from the air. I believe that friends who study chemistry know the role of nitrogen is very important. It can be used not only for food storage, but also for chemical plants. PSA nitrogen making machine has many functions, so it is very popular.

1. Beautiful appearance and small floor space

From the outside, the nitrogen generator conforms to most people's aesthetics and is very beautiful. Not only that, it also has a small footprint. For the Xiaoxing plant, it can not only produce the required nitrogen, but also save floor space.

2. Long service life

Not only has a beautiful appearance, but also very practical. Because the valve is reliable, it will last longer than other equipment. This is also very convenient for installation and removal. Not only that, but the efficiency of the PSA nitrogen making machine is also very high. It can overfulfill most of the orders, and people can get more profits.


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