Process characteristics and safety precautions of PSA oxygen making machine

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At present, PSA oxygen making machine is an effective way to make nitrogen, which integrates safety, convenience, energy saving and integration. It uses air as raw material, carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to select air. It can directly produce nitrogen gas, which is widely used in chemical industry, electronics, textile, coal, petroleum, natural gas and other industries.

customized PSA oxygen making machine material
Process characteristics of PSA oxygen making machine:
1. The pressure swing adsorption nitrogen production equipment has the characteristics of wide applicable gas source, high product purity, simple process, high degree of operation automation, low operating cost, etc.;
2. Compressed air purification components have a long service life, easy to replace and easy to maintain;
3. The outlet flow rate of the nitrogen making equipment is large, and the outlet pressure can be adjusted within the set range;
4. It can be opened and stopped at any time according to the production situation;
5. Nitrogen purity can be reached >99.99% through pressure swing adsorption, no need to configure nitrogen purification equipment;
6. Install nitrogen purification device: hydrogenation purification 丨 carbon purification, product qualified gas purity can reach ≥99.9995%.
PSA oxygen making machine maintenance safety precautions:
1. It is strictly forbidden to open, stop and operate;
2. It is strictly forbidden to loosen or tighten bolts under pressure;
3. When the equipment is running, do not step on the equipment pipeline;
4. No items unrelated to the operation of the equipment shall be stored on site, and the site shall be kept unblocked.


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