Problems that need to be paid attention to when purchasing PSA oxygen making machine

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PSA oxygen making machine is one of the most commonly used nitrogen production machines in nitrogen manufacturing, and is very commonly used in some of our daily food and pharmaceutical companies. Some small-scale companies that need nitrogen also favor PSA oxygen making machines. So, what should be paid attention to when purchasing PSA oxygen making machines?

PSA oxygen making machine
1. Understand the amount of nitrogen required by your own business
For PSA oxygen making machine, we have to understand that it has different kinds. Determine which type should be selected according to the amount of nitrogen required by your own business. If the amount of nitrogen required is large, cryogenic air separation can be selected for nitrogen production; if the required nitrogen amount is small or moderate, molecular sieve air nitrogen production or membrane air separation nitrogen production can be selected.
2. Market conditions
For different nitrogen generator manufacturers, the prices of PSA oxygen making machines given are different, and their quality also has certain differences. Before buying a machine, we must see more, compare more, shop around, and comprehensively consider many aspects such as price, quality, and follow-up services, so as to choose the PSA oxygen making machine suitable for our own enterprise.
Now everyone knows how to buy a PSA oxygen making machine, so you may refer to the above introductions when purchasing, so as to complete the purchase smoothly.


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