Precautions for the use of PSA nitrogen making machine in cable production

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In the cable industry, the use of nitrogen is very common. For example, copper wire requires annealing and preheating during the drawing process. In this process, nitrogen is required to protect the surface of the copper wire to prevent oxidation.

customized PSA nitrogen making machine for home user
PSAPSA nitrogen making machine is a reliable nitrogen making device. It takes inexhaustible air as raw material, uses carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption, and utilizes the selectivity of carbon molecular sieve to oxygen and nitrogen. Adsorption separates nitrogen and oxygen. Compared with the traditional nitrogen production method, it has the characteristics of simple process flow, high degree of automation, fast gas production (15-30 minutes), low energy consumption, online nitrogen purity detection, convenient operation and maintenance, lower operating costs, and strong device adaptability. . PSAPSA nitrogen making machine is a one-time investment for permanent use of gas, one-key startup, and unattended operation, which can save labor and cost.
According to experience, the following aspects should be paid attention to during the use of PSA nitrogen making machine:
1) Model selection, that is, the working capacity of the nitrogen generation system should match the actual demand.
2) For insulated tandem cables, the protective part of the copper wire is in the annealing part, so nitrogen outlets should be installed at the annealing and cooling parts of the equipment. The outlet size is critical to the flow and pressure of nitrogen.
3) The oxygen content must be checked regularly to prevent oxygen from entering the annealing cooling part.
4) The nitrogen filtration system needs to discharge impurities regularly. The valve converter and blowdown valve inside the nitrogen production system must be cleaned regularly.
5) The solenoid valve and other valves inside the PSA nitrogen making machine system should be checked regularly, because the frequent startup and closing of the PSA nitrogen making machine will affect the life of the valve. Once the valve is damaged, it will not be able to produce qualified nitrogen. It will have a big impact.
6) It can be equipped with a pressure alarm. When the pressure is less than the set value, the system will sound an alarm.


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