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Container Type PSA Nitrogen Generator Complete System

Key words:

Nitrogen Generators, Air Compressors, Oxygen and Other Gas Processing Equipment

Product Description

100Nm3/h purity 99.9% container type PSA nitrogen generator complete system can be removeable for oil industry


Product Description


Number Name


and Type

Manufacture Quantity Main Technological Indexes
Air Compressor Pry
Screw air Compressor G355 Atlas-Copco 1 Set

Rated Air Capacity:≥57Nm3/min

Rated Pressure:0.8MPa

Oil Content in Air:≤3ppm

Air Temperature:≤Ambient Temperature +70-80℃

Cooling Method:Air Cooling

Power Rating:355KW

Driving Mode:

External Dimension: 4174*2120*2500mm

Air Storage Tank CG1/8 TRUE GAS 1 Set

Rated Pressure:0.8Mpa

Volume: 1m3

Material:Carbon Steel

Air Handling

Three Level Filters






Italy ATS


3 pieces

Rated Pressure:1.0Mpa

Connection Mode:DN25

Rated Handling Flow:25 Nm3/min

Air Quality After Filtration:



Filter Pressure Drop:≤0.2bar

Filter of all levels of the configuration system shall be configured with timed electronic discharge valve and manual draining valve.

Refrigeration Dryer HF-25 TRUE GAS 1Set

Rated Pressure:0.6-1.0MPa

Rated Handling Flow:25Nm³/min

Pressure Loss in the System:≤0.2bar

Rated Inlet Air Temperature:≤50℃

Outlet Air Dew Point Temperature :3℃

Power Rating:4.5KW



Connecting Pipeline and Valve

/ TRUE GAS 1 Set

Structure:Seamless Steel Tubes for Liquid Service

Material:Carbon Steel of High Quality

skid-mounted nitrogen generator
Molecular Sieve 3KT-172 Japan 1 Batch

Nitrogen Purity:≥99.9%


Design Inlet Pressure:0.7Mpa

Design Operating Temperature:45℃

Maximum Operating Temperature:65℃

Absorption Tower XF-300 TRUE GAS 1 Set

Working Pressure:0.7Mpa


Design Pressure:0.8Mpa

PLC S7-200 Siemens 1 Set

Control Mode:PLC Control

Operating Voltage:24VDC

Output Form:Relay Output

All Components are Imported, Assembled to a Full Set Domestically

Pneumatic Valve




10 Pieces


Start Mode:Pneumatic

Control Mode:Solenoid Valve

Material: Stainless 304

Solenoid Valve 3v-210 Taiwan AirTac 8 Pieces  
Nitrogen Gas Analyzer P860-5N Chang Ai 1Piece

Measuring Range:78%~99.99%

Principle of Sensors: Ion Beam; Nitrogen Sensor

Measuring Mode: Gas Inlet

Nitrogen Buffer Tank CG1/8 TRUE GAS 2 Piece

Rated Pressure: 0.8Mpa

Design Pressure: 0.84Mpa

Volume: 1 m3

Material: Carbon Steel

Flow Meter LZB-25


Changzhou Shuanghuan


Rated pressure:1.0Mpa


Craft Manifold,Valve / TRUE GAS 1 Set

Structure:Seamless Steel Tubes for Liquid Service

Material:Carbon Steel of High Quality

Skid-mounted / TRUE GAS 1Set

Structure: Steel Structure Base

Material:Low-Carbon Steel

Nitrogen Storage Tank CG5/8 TRUE GAS 1Piece

Rated Pressure:0.8Mpa

Design Pressure:0.84Mpa

Volume: 5m³

Material: Carbon Steel

Container 20 feet TRUE GAS 3 sets Material: Carbon steel
Other Auxiliaries
Finished Documents / TRUE GAS 1 Set Complete Set of Equipment Data
Accessories / TRUE GAS 1 Set Original Supporting Equipment Accessories




When the pressure rises, the carbon molecular sieve adsorbs the oxygen and produces the nitrogen gas. When the pressure decreases, the carbon molecular sieve starts to desorb the oxygen until the pressure equals to the ordinary pressure. At that time, the carbon molecular sieve desorbs the oxygen completely. The PSA nitrogen generator is usually equipped with adsorption towers. It controls the pneumatic valve by PLC, thus the two adsorption towers can produce the nitrogen gas alternatively. One tower adsorbs the oxygen and produces nitrogen gas, the other desorbs to regeneration to produces the required nitrogen.

SMT nitrogen generator combines the features of lead-free soldering in SMT industry, nitrogen purity is generally between 99.9%~99.999%, the flow of nitrogen generator of each soldering furnace is generally between 10~30Nm3/hr (special specifications are calculated according to actual flow), the dew point is between -40℃~-60℃, and nitrogen pressure is between 0.5-0.6MPa. SMT dedicated nitrogen making solution can make the flux correct and active, reduce the residual amount of flux, enhance soldering quality and make the soldered surface more attractive.


Technical Indicators

Nitrogen flow: 0-2,000Nm3/h O2: ≤1ppm Dew point: ≤-70℃ Nitrogen purity: 99.99%-99.999%


molecular sieve cave. That’s all for the PSA nitrogen generation process.


Technical Indicators


Nitrogen flow: 0-2,000Nm3/h O2: ≤1ppm Dew point: ≤-70℃ Nitrogen purity: 99.99%-99.999%


Equipment Features

Main Features:

1. Good stability, oxygen content can be controlled to be less than 5ppm at any time .

2. High purity, capability of keeping long-term stability when nitrogen purity is 99.9995% .

3. High reliability, manufactured according to the international standard.




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