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Inflator Machine PSA Nitrogen Generator Nitrogen Gas Filling System For Vehicle Tyre 5Nm3/h purity 98%

Key words:

Nitrogen Generators, Air Compressors, Oxygen and Other Gas Processing Equipment

Product Description

PSA nitrogen generator &inflator machine nitrogen gas filling system for vehicle tyre





1. The nitrogen purity can be adjusted from 95%-99.99%. The nitrogen gas is dry and its dew point is low, these help to preserve the food.

2. The machine features excellent cost effectiveness and fast capital payoff.

3. Its exterior is concise and small, so is to be conveniently cleaned and meet the high cleanliness requirement of the food industry.

4. The product is made of high quality equipments and its skillfully process makes itself durable in use.


PSA Principle:


Under the balance of adsorption, when any kind of adsorbent adsorbs the same gas, the higher the gas pressure, the greater the adsorption capacity is. Otherwise, the lower the pressure, the smaller the adsorption power is.

As the chart shows, carbon molecular sieve shows difference in adsorbing oxygen and nitrogen. Carbon molecular sieve is a substance with a lot of micropores inside. The PSA principal is to achieve the separation goal of oxygen and nitrogen which based on the adsorption quantity difference in the carbon molecular sieve when the pressure is certain.

When the pressure rises, the carbon molecular sieve adsorbs the oxygen and produces the nitrogen gas. When the pressure decreases, the carbon molecular sieve starts to desorb the oxygen until the pressure equals to the ordinary pressure. At that time, the carbon molecular sieve desorbs the oxygen completely. The PSA nitrogen generator is usually equipped with adsorption towers. It controls the pneumatic valve by PLC, thus the two adsorption towers can produce the nitrogen gas alternatively. One tower adsorbs the oxygen and produces nitrogen gas, the other desorbs to regeneration to produces the required nitrogen.



This standard suitable for normal temperature adopt CMS PSA method,separate oxygen or nitrogen from air,oxygen output not more than 15000 m3/h,nitrogen output not more than 5000 m3/h equipment .

Remark1: Under this standard oxygen and nitrogen output is normal standard,that is mean gas flow under 0℃,0.101325Mpa(absolute pressure) standard unit(m3)



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