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Tower Type Pressure Swing Adsorption Psa Nitrogen System For Chemical Industry With Air Compressor

Key words:

Nitrogen Generators, Air Compressors, Oxygen and Other Gas Processing Equipment

Product Description

High Quality Low Price Tower Type Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generator for Chemical Industry with Air Compressor


Jiangsu Tongyue Gas System Co.,ltd. established in 2011,specializes in the production of nitrogen generators, air compressors, oxygen and other gas processing equipment. The products are widely used in Oil and gas industry ,medicine, chemical industry, chemical fiber, metallurgy heat treatment, electronics, steel, coal, and other industries.

Our company has a number of patented technologies and intellectual property rights. Now we have 8 engineers,60 employees. We insists on using high-quality imported parts, and have established and improved production processes, quality control system, and after-sales service evaluation system, to provide best service to each customer.

Our businesses cover throughout the country, and we also exported our products to Southeast Asia, Europe ,Mid east and other overseas markets.






PSA processing principle

The raw material air enters the back-stage air storage tank after compressed by the air compressor. In the air storage tank, most of oil, liquid water and dust are attached to the container wall, then flow to the tank bottom and let out periodically. A small part enters into the compressed air purification system with the air flow.
The air purification system is composed of the refrigeration dryer, three filters of different accuracy and a deoiler. Liquid water, oil and dust contained in the compressed air are filtered by the refrigeration dehumidifier and the three different filters. The pressure dew point of the compressed air reduces to 2~10℃, oil content reduces to 0.001ppm, dust is filtered to 0.01μm, and the raw material gas enters into the PSA nitrogen making machine is clean.
Purified air enters into the two adsorption towers of the nitrogen making machine respectively, adsorption and desorption is carried out through automatic switching of the pneumatic valve on the nitrogen making machine alternatively, and the most of nitrogen in the air is separated from the small part of oxygen, and oxygen-rich air is emptied in the process. The nitrogen is enriched on the tower top and conveyed to the back-stage nitrogen storage tank through the pipeline, flows through the flowmeter and enters into gas consuming point.






Bried introduction of the Product and the Details

Bottled nitrogen without special treatment has peculiar smell and contains much water. Nitrogen gas made by the nitrogen making machine does not have impurities or peculiar smell, the gas source is very dry and basically reaches the water-free and low-oxygen state, and the equipment features on small investment and yield quick returns, convenient operation, low running cost and can greatly prolong the time of food preservation. Food is not always so well stored and preserved under high nitrogen purity, and the best preservation can be achieved if ambient gas contains trace oxygen during the food preservation.

Application in heat treatment industry: steel, iron, copper and aluminum product annealing and carbonization, high temperature kiln protection, low temperature assembly and plasma cutting of metal parts, and so on. Heat treatment nitrogen sources in nitrogen-based atmosphere such as steelmaking converter sealing, blast furnace top sealing, blast furnace ironmaking pulverized coal injection, continuous casting, continuous rolling, steel annealing, stress relief, aging, quenching and heating, carburizing, nitrocarburizing and vacuum quenching, protective gas in the soldering and powder metallurgy sintering processes, as well as cleaning gas and diluting gas.








Technical Indexes:
Nitrogen flow: 0-2,000Nm3/h
O2: ≤1ppm
Dew point: ≤-70℃
Nitrogen purity: 99.99%-99.999%






Product Features


1, Equipment is fully automated operated, with the variable-frequency energy-saving function, purity and flow rate is stable at the same time. (conversion patent No. : 201220408277.4)
2 The molecular sieve is installed in advanced technology, thus avoiding the pulverization of molecular sieve under the impact of high pressure air and ensure a long service life of molecular sieve.
3, Easy to start; the various parameters present online; import analyzer detect on-line; quality reliable.
4, multi-function integrated alarm (purity, pressure, etc.);
5, touch screen display and storage dynamics; PC operation is realized based on the t Windows operating platform






Typical Application:
Blowing containers, pipelines, reactors and isolation rooms; synthetic fiber spinning, wire drawing chlorination prevention, equipment corrosion prevention; nitrogen charging during production of coatings and paint, to prevent polymerization during oil drying; providing oil tankers with protective gas (nitrogen is used on the oil surface to seal and clean gas); inert gas supply to ocean engineering; dry coke quenching, catalyst regeneration, petroleum fractionation, raw material of nitrogen fertilizer, catalyst protection, and so on
The product is mainly used for medicine packaging, medicine replacement and medicine conveying in pharmaceutical industry. The medicine nitrogen making machine is equipped with the sterilization filter to reach the standard of medicine industry.





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Our Services

Pre-sale services

Advisory Services: Solve your problems one to one, and provide the most suitable and energy saving plan.

Technical Support: Provide you the security drawings of the whole machine and technological equipment flow chart; send our technician on mission to help you if needed.


After-sale Service

Technical Support: Provide free installation guide and operation training, and the after-sale technical documents to the customers.

Quality Assurance: Three guarantees are valid in one year since the machine leave the factory. We provide maintenance service during all the machine’s life.

Customer Service: We will make periodical return visit in order to know the service condition of the machine


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