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500 Nm3/h Membrane separation nitrogen generator for oil and gas conduit purge

Key words:

Nitrogen Generators, Air Compressors, Oxygen and Other Gas Processing Equipment

Product Description

500 Nm3/h Membrane separation nitrogen generator for oil and gas conduit purge


Product introduction:


1)  When using compressed air through the hollow fiber membrane, different gas seepage velocity on membrane separation nitrogen, the equipment is suitable for nitrogen gas purity is not high, and large gas users.


2) Mixed gas through polymeter membranes, due to a variety of gas solubility in the membrane and the diffusion coefficient of the differences, leading to different gas relative permeability rate is different in the membrane. According to the characteristics of gas can be divided into “fast gas” and “slow”. When mixed gas under the action of pressure difference on both sides of membrane, the penetration rate relatively fast gases such as H2O, O2, H2, CO2, ect. Through the film, was enriched in the permeate side of membrane, and fully mixing speed relatively slow gas such as N2, CO, Nr was on the retention side of the membrane concentration, so as to achieve the purpose of the mixed gas separation.


Membrane separation nitrogen making machine is based on the above principle, to compressed air as raw material to extract a higher purity of nitrogen.



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Technical characteristics

  • Fully automated running, have the variable-frequency energy-saving function, stable purity and flow rate at the same time. (The paten number:201220408277.4)
  • The use of technical advanced measures to fill with molecular sieve, and avoid the phenomenon of high pressure airflow leading to molecular sieve pulverization, assure the molecular sieve life;
  • Quick start, online display various parameters, import analyzer on-line detection, reliable quality, no worries;
  • Multifunctional integrated alarm(purity, pressure, ect.)
  • Touch screen dynamic display and storage; based on windows operating platform, which can realize pc operation;


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