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PLC Control PSA Oxygen Generator With ASME Code Man Machine Interface

Key words:

Nitrogen Generators, Air Compressors, Oxygen and Other Gas Processing Equipment

Product Description

TYO25-93% Skid Mounted PSA Oxygen Generator pressure 0.1-0.5Mpa with ASME code pressure vessel


Working Principle


Atmospheric desorption PSA oxygen generator use the clean compressed air as raw material,zeolite molecular sieve as the adsorbing material ,use the pressure swing adsorption principle to get the oxygen under normal temperature.According to the difference adsorbing capacity of oxygen,nitrogen up the zeolite molecular sieve surface,and the difference diffusion rate of oxygen,nitrogen under ZMS,through Programmable Controller control the sequencing valve open/close,complete Pressure adsorption ,Decompression desorption process,complete Separation of oxygen and nitrogen ,get the demanded purity oxygen.




Main characteristic


1. Use the man-machine interface,intelligentize control,operation easy,supply the qualified oxygen in short time.

2. High efficiency fill in ZMS,tighter,solid,longer usage life

3. Use Siemens , OMRON PLC control and Germany BURKERT pneumatic valve to change system automatically,working stable.

4. Pressure,purity,flow can adjustable,to satisfied customers’ requirements.

5. Whole sealing design,Structural tension ,beautiful appearance,save floor area


Technical data Application fields

Purity:90%±3% Widely used in non-ferrous metal Capacity:1-1000Nm3/h metallurgy,chemical industry,

Pressure:0.1-0.5Mpa cement produce,pulp,

Dew point:≤40℃ paper making,glass stoves

Waste water/gas treatment


Application scope

1. Medical.The generator can be set up to fill the hospital pipeline directly and use the filling ramp as a backup system. Oxygen cylinders can be filled simultaneously or during hours with low consumption.

2.  Metallurgy: For anneal protection, agglomeration protection, nitrogenizing, furnace washing and blowing, etc. Used in fields such as metal heating treatment, powder metallurgy, magnetic material, copper process, metallic mesh, galvanized wire, semiconductor, etc.
3. Chemical and new material industries: For chemical material gas, pipeline blowing, gas replacement, gas protection, product transport, etc. Used in fields such as chemical, urethane elastic fiber, rubber, plastic, tyre, polyurethane, biological technology, intermediate, etc.
4. Electronic industry: For encapsulation, agglomeration, anneal, deoxidization, storage of electronic products. Used in fields such as peak welding, circumfluence welding, crystal, piezoelectricity, electronic porcelain, electronic copper tape, battery, electronic alloy material, etc.


TYO25-90+/-3% specification and technical details


Name Model Unit Qty Manufacturer Technical parameter

Screw compressor


G37-8 set 1 Atlas Copco

gas production:6.38m³/min




Air tank CG-1.0/0.8 set 1 Professional manufacturer


working pressure:0.8mpa

(including certificates and accessories)

Refrigerated Air dryer TY-6HTF set 1 True Gas

Treatment capacity: 6.8m³/min



Power Supply:220V/50HZ

Filters C-T-A-H set 1 True Gas

Rated pressure: 1.0Mpa

Rated handling flow:7m3/min

Air quality after filtration:



filter pressure drop:≤0.2bar

Filter of all levels of the configuration system shall be configured with timed electronic discharge valve and manual draining valve.

Oxygen generating unit TYO25-90 set 1 True Gas

Gas production: ≥25Nm3/h

Oxygen purity: ≥90%±2%

Intake pressure:≥0.6mpa

Oxygen outlet pressure:0.4MPa

Power Supply:220V/50HZ


The service life of carbon molecular sieve is more than 5-8 years

Oxygen buffer tank CG0.3/0.8 unit 1 Professional manufacturer


working pressure:0.8mpa

(including certificates and accessories)


Oxygen tank CG1.0/0.8 unit 1 Professional manufacturer


working pressure:0.8mpa

(including certificates and accessories)

Oxygen booster VW-25/4-150 unit 1 Anqingbailian/Anshanjiapeng

Intake pressure:0.4mpa

Discharge pressure:15.0mpa


Voltage:380V 50HZ

Bus bar TY-25/150 group 1 True-Gas

Filling Pressure:15.0Mpa

Filling port:10



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