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Moveable Oxygen Gas Generator Container Type PSA Oxygen Plant for hospital

Key words:

Nitrogen Generators, Air Compressors, Oxygen and Other Gas Processing Equipment

Product Description

Moveable Oxygen Gas Generator Container Type PSA Oxygen Plant for hospital


PSA oxygen generating equipment is a kind of flexible, efficient and reliable oxygen gas supply source which adopts advanced oxygen technology. Adopting national patent technology and independent process design, with low investment cost and operation cost, the equipment is especially suitable for the site supplies of low-purity oxygen consumption and is economically alternative to low-temperature preparation of liquid oxygen equipment or trucks transporting oxygen.


Atmospheric desorption PSA oxygen generator is the equipment to obtain oxygen at normal temperatures by strength of the PSA principle, taking the clean compressed air as raw material and zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent. Because ZMS surface’s adsorption capacity of oxygen and nitrogen differs and diffusion rate of them varies, the programmable controller is used to control the opening and closing of the control valve, to achieve the process of pressure adsorption and decompression desorption, therefore oxygen and nitrogen get separated and high-purity oxygen can be obtained.


model and specification oxygen capacity(Nm³/h) oxygen purity(%) oxygen pressure(Mpa) start time(Min)

air consumption


floor space(M)
TYO-10 10 90-93 ≤0.5 ≤30 1.55/1.6 1.8*1.2*2.4
TYO-20 20       3.1/3.2 2.2*1.5*2.4
TYO-30 30       4.08/4.65 2.4*1.6*2.4
TYO-40 40       6.22/6.42 2.7*2.0*2.55
TYO-50 50       7.76/8.02 3.0*2.4*2.6
TYO-60 60       9.32/9.63 3.0*2.6*2.6
TYO-80 80       12.42/12.84 3.2*2.8*2.8
TYO-100 100       15.53/16.05 3.6*3.0*3.0
TY0-120 120       24.84/25.67 3.8*3.0*3.3
TYO-160 160       31.06/32.09 4.2*3.7*3.3
TYO-240 240       37.27/38.51 4.4*4.0*3.4


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