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Alumina Chemical Packing Ball Molecular Sieve Activation Ceramic Filler Show High Stability

Key words:

Nitrogen Generators, Air Compressors, Oxygen and Other Gas Processing Equipment

Product Description

Alumina chemical packing ball


Description: Ceramic filler show high stability, significant acid corrosion and heat resistance.


Applications: Alumina ceramic ball is widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas industry, various reactor. Because the characteristics of a high aluminum content, making it ideal for strong acid or alkali environments. Especially for liquefied natural gas plant.


Properties Data
Al2O3 20-25
Specific Gravity(g/cm3) 1.3-1.8
Water Absorption(%)< 5
Acid resistance(%)> 90
Alkali resistance(%)> 80
Spalling Resistance(℃)> 250
refractoriness(℃)> 1000
Crush Strength(KN/Piece)≥ φ3 0.2
φ6 0.5
φ8 0.7
φ10 0.85
φ13 1.8
φ16 2.3
φ20 4.3
φ25 6.2
φ30 7
φ50 12



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