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Fully - Automatic Intelligent Digital Nitrogen Generator N2 Generation Systems

Key words:

Nitrogen Generators, Air Compressors, Oxygen and Other Gas Processing Equipment

Product Description

Vehicle tire use Nitrogen Generator/Full-Automatic Intelligent Digital Nitrogen Generator





1. Intended to generate nitrogen from compressed air with carbon molecular sieve (CMS)
2. Based on PSA (pressure swing adsorption) separation technology
3. Mainly constructed with filtration device, carbon molecular sieve, N2 reservoir and control system
4. Pressure regulator is equipped to limit pressure of input compressed air
5. Pressure relief valve is provided for whole pressure system
6. Silencers are equipped for exhausting gas to reduce sound level
7. Equipment adapts high-octane BF-200 carbon molecule sieve and core accessories are imported
8. Equipment adapts silicone oil pressure gauge
9. With good shockproof function
10. Compatible medium compressed air is filtered twice
11. Primary filtration: class 3 material
12. Secondary filtration: active carbon device with high capacity
13. By presetting pressure equipment can vacuum automatically filling N2 and testing pressure
14. Pressure sensor with high precision made by US Nova sensor
15. Vehicles applicable: motorcycles, cars, vans, mini buses and light trucks


Technical data:


Model TY-3
Vehicle Applicable Motorcycle, car, vans
Power supply AC110V/220V50~60Hz Power 60W
Nitrogen Purity 95~99.5% Compressed Air Input Range ≤174Psi/12Bar
Nitrogen Storage Tank 120L/31.8gal N2 Output Pressure ≤87psi/6bar
Operation Temp -20℃~+70℃ Set Pressure Range 5~110Psi/0.3~10Bar
Inflator Accuracy ±1psi/0.07bar Display Mode LED DISPLAY
Dimension(H*L*W) 1420*780*600(mm) Packing size(H*L*W) 1600*920*715
Nitrogen Output 100L/min(3.5cfm)@145psi/10bar
Net weight 155KG Gross weight








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