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3 Nm3/H 5 Nm3/H Nitrogen Making Machine With Microcomputer Control

Key words:

Nitrogen Generators, Air Compressors, Oxygen and Other Gas Processing Equipment

Product Description

Nuts packing usage 3Nm3/h 5Nm3/h purity 99.9% Nitrogen making machine


Quality Guarantee

70% of the main parts are Germany imported brand products. These products are made of good material, components and parts of the products are advanced, mature and reliable, safe and durable.

We provide our customer with stores which are easy to wear, corrode, burn-in or need adjustment, check, and change. These stores are easy to be disassembled, replaced and mended.

We have strictly inspected the purchased materials and components, and we will responsible for the quality.

Designed Service Life: 120 thousand hours

Designed Working Life of the Complete Machine: 300-350 thousand hours.

Control Requirements; microcomputer control, Chinese display

Linkage control and long-range control are directly achievable.

Under the normal use condition, the working life of the zeolite molecular sieve is over 8 years. Pneumatic valve and solenoid is over 3000 thousand times.


Product Features


The whole set of machine is automatic and equipped with converter circuit energy-saving control to make the whole nitrogen generator machine operate under a economic, effective state.

Nitrogen meter continuously monitoring nitrogen purity online. The structure of the equipment is compact and the size is small, so this machine is easy to clean.

This machine is optimal designed and durable, and the investment reclaims fast


Under the balance of adsorption, when any kind of adsorbent adsorbs the same gas, the higher the gas pressure, the greater the adsorption capacity is. Otherwise, the lower the pressure, the smaller the adsorption power is.

As the chart shows, carbon molecular sieve shows difference in adsorbing oxygen and nitrogen. Carbon molecular sieve is a substance with a lot of micropores inside. The PSA principal is to achieve the separation goal of oxygen and nitrogen which based on the adsorption quantity difference in the carbon molecular sieve when the pressure is certain.

When the pressure rises, the carbon molecular sieve adsorbs the oxygen and produces the nitrogen gas. When the pressure decreases, the carbon molecular sieve starts to desorb the oxygen until the pressure equals to the ordinary pressure. At that time, the carbon molecular sieve desorbs the oxygen completely. The PSA nitrogen generator is usually equipped with adsorption towers. It controls the pneumatic valve by PLC, thus the two adsorption towers can produce the nitrogen gas alternatively. One tower adsorbs the oxygen and produces nitrogen gas, the other desorbs to regeneration to produces the required nitrogen.





Pre-sale services


Advisory Services: Solve your problems one to one, and provide the most suitable and energy saving plan.

Technical Support: Provide you the security drawings of the whole machine and technological equipment flow chart; send our technician on mission to help you if needed.


After-sale Service


Technical Support: Provide free installation guide and operation training, and the after-sale technical documents to the customers.

Quality Assurance: Three guarantees are valid in one year since the machine leave the factory. We provide maintenance service during all the machine’s life.

Customer Service: We will make periodical return visit in order to know the service condition of the machine.



Equipment Features


Main Features:

1. Good stability, oxygen content can be controlled to be less than 5ppm at any time .

2. High purity, capability of keeping long-term stability when nitrogen purity is 99.9995% .

3. High reliability, manufactured according to the international standard.

3 Nm3/H 5 Nm3/H Nitrogen Making Machine With Microcomputer Control 0


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