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Container type Onsite Nitrogen Generator with Nitrogen Gas System CE ISO

Key words:

Nitrogen Generators, Air Compressors, Oxygen and Other Gas Processing Equipment

Product Description

Container type Pipeline Nitrogen Filling Onsite Nitrogen Generator , -50℃ Dew Point Nitrogen Gas System


Application in oil-gas territory


Now, nitrogen gas has been used widely in gas drilling of the oil-gas well, three times oil production operations, well completion, well repair, pressure upkeep and gas storage. And the inertia of nitrogen and the high pressured nitrogen can be in collecting gas and the sweep of piping system to prevent inflammable gas burning and the underground pipes of oil field being corroded.



GAS Drilling

Improve the Penetration Rate

Reduce or Avoid Leakage

Extend the Service Life of Drill

Decrease the Complex Hole Problems

Reduce Completions and Stimulations

Protect and Found Producing Formulation


Blowing and Cleaning of Pipes

Pipeline Pressure Test and Cleaning, Blowing

Pipeline Nitrogen Filling

Blowing and Cleaning Flammable Liquid, Gas Container and Pipes

Replacements and First aid Repair of Pipes and Containers

Use the Inactive Feature of Nitrogen to Seal Leakage and Prevent the Harmful Leakage into the Air of Dangerous Material



Methane Regeneration on the Coal Seam

Natural Gas Gathering Station

LNG Accepting Station

Ocean Drilling Production Platform

Gas Evolution Factory



Project Type Quantity Remark
PSA adsorption tower Professional design 2pieces/10kg Special pressure vessel manufacturer
Buffer tank Air tank,N2 tank Each 1 piece/3m3 Special pressure vessel manufacturer
Carbon Molecular Sieve MSC-3KT-172 3500kg Takeda Japan
Vortex airflow distributor Professional design 2 pieces Technical Carbotech from Germany
Self complement compact device Professional design 2sets Jiangyin Tongyue
single unit processing part / 1 set SMC-Japan
Sample pressure reduce valve / 1 piece SMC-Japan
Direct current 24V power / 1 set Taiwan-Mingwei

Pneumatic valves

Pneumatic valves


DN100 5 pieces Burkert Germany Burkert Germany
DN50 4 pieces
DN20 1 pieces
Magnetic valve 4V210-24V 10 pieces Taiwan Airtac
Metal flow meter LZZ-50 1 piece Changzhou Shuanghuan
Control system TPC7062K 1set (color touch screen )Kunlun Tongtai
Muffler TY-500X 1 set Jiangyin Tongyue
Pipe valve system bprofessional produce 1 set Jiangyin Tongyue
PLC controller S7-200 1 set Siemens Germany
Nitrogen analyzer P860-4N 1 set Shanghai Changai




TRUE nitrogen generator function:

1, Strict air treatment system

2, Unique low-speed diverter and non-friction soft compaction device

3, durable pneumatic valve

4, low-noise silencer of innovative design

5, unique touch switch and LCD in the nitrogen industry; Data can be modified arbitrarily

6, of high automation and can be duty-free

7, of reasonable and compact structure

8, efficient nitrogen-making in short period

Technical advantages of filling the molecular sieve

The following two diagrams are the density of the storm loading method and the aging frequency modulation filling method (Tong Yue), which show the technical advantages of Tong Yue.


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