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Service Content

After-sales service
Provides product guidance, installation, commissioning, training, and full-process services; 8 hours feedback guarantees timely and effective service.

Equipment maintenance and maintenance
Provide customers with integrated equipment maintenance and
repair services.

Equipment Leasing
Meet the needs of customers to integrate resources and save costs and provide financial leasing solutions.

Accessories Support
Provide all equipment accessories to reach the customer site with the fastest logistics.

Technical Support
For the upgrade, transformation of the equipment and technical problems in the process of use, provide customers with integrated solutions.

Some Service Customers


In a few short years, in lone with the entrepreneurial spirit that never fades, Tongyue realized leap-forward development, suddenly look back, all the pains, all the pay, is replaced by joy, pride, thanks to all for with yue pay a sweat, colleagues, and all of the people who care about and support the development Tongyue, glory to you, belong to his, bellong to us!