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Portable small flow rate 3Nm3/h,5Nm3/h purity 99.9% moveable PSA Nitrogen Generator

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Portable nitrogen vehicle tire filling system machine generator PSA nitrogen generator




1.Mainly constructed with filtration device, carbon molecular sieve, N2 reservoir and control system
2.Intended to generate nitrogen from compressed air with carbon molecular sieve (CMS) based on PSA (pressure swing adsorption) separation technology
3. Silencers are equipped for the exhausting gas to reduce the sound level
Equipment adapts high-octane BF-200# carbon molecule sieve, core accessories are imported
4. Equipment adapts silicone oil pressure gauge with good shockproof function
5. Compatible with medium compressed air is filtered twice
Primary filtration: three class precision filter made of high-quality materials
Secondary filtration: active carbon filtration device with high-quality and capacity
6. By presetting pressure, equipment can vacuum automatically, filling N2 and testing pressure
7. Pressure sensor with high precision made by US Nova sensor
8. Vehicles applicable: motorcycles, cars, vans, mini buses and light trucks




Model TY3/5
Dimensions 570(H)×570(L)×950(W)mm
Application: Tyre filling
Compressed Air input range 0.4m3/h
N2 Output 3/5m3/h
N2 Output Pressure 0.1-0.65Mpa
N2 Purity 95~99.9%
N2 Storage Tank 0.3m3
Set Pressure Range 0.1-0.65Mpa
Motor Power 0.5KW
Power Supply 110V/220V,50-60Hz
Net/Gross weight 200Kg

Main parts of nitrogen generator


Project Type Quantity Remark
PSA adsorption tower Professional design 2pieces/10kg Special pressure vessel manufacturer
Carbon Molecular Sieve MSC-3KT-172 3500kg Takeda Japan
Vortex airflow distributor Professional design 2 pieces Technical Carbotech from Germany
Self complement compact device Professional design 2sets Jiangyin Tongyue
single unit processing part / 1 set SMC-Japan
Sample pressure reduce valve / 1 piece SMC-Japan
Direct current 24V power / 1 set Taiwan-Mingwei

Pneumatic valves

Pneumatic valves


DN100 5 pieces Burkert Germany Burkert Germany
DN50 4 pieces
DN20 1 pieces
Magnetic valve 4V210-24V 10 pieces Taiwan Airtac
Metal flow meter LZZ-50 1 piece Changzhou Shuanghuan
Control system TPC7062K 1set (color touch screen )Kunlun Tongtai
Muffler TY-500X 1 set Jiangyin Tongyue
Pipe valve system bprofessional produce 1 set Jiangyin Tongyue


Portable small flow rate 3Nm3/h,5Nm3/h purity 99.9% moveable PSA Nitrogen Generator 0

Portable small flow rate 3Nm3/h,5Nm3/h purity 99.9% moveable PSA Nitrogen Generator 1

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