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Modular Nitrogen Generator/oxygenerator

Design the most suitable solution to meet your needs.
Compact structure
Modular design,integrated gas buffer module,provides you with a compact structure
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Porduct Detail

Product Advantages

Design the most suitable solution to meet your needs.

Compact structure

Modular design,integrated gas buffer module,provides you with a compact structure

Quality Assurance

The anodizing process electrostatically sprays the assembly.

Economic ideal

Low gas consumption and high gas production,providing you with an ideal and econmical solution

Simple system adjustment just adjust a few PSA modules to simply adjust your system.


Process characteristics

Run Smoothly;

High Degree Of Automation In Operation;

Simple Process And Low Cost

Energy Saving


Selection characteristics

The non-pressure vessels formed by aluminum alloy die casting molds reduce the processing cycle,simplify the installation of fixtures,reduce non-ground operations,and reduce installation difficulty.


Technical design features

Adopt dense packing and pressing device to improve the reliability of the equipment;

Product appearance is beautiful,the process layout is reasonable,and the structure is compact;

The equipment is highly automated and oxygen pressure and flow can be adjusted as needed.







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