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VPSA oxygen making machine

The main principle is the same as the principle of variable pressure adsorption oxygen generator. The main difference is that the desorption and regeneration of molecular sleves USES a vacuum system.
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Porduct Detail

Product Introduction

The main principle is the same as the principle of variable pressure adsorption oxygen generator. The main difference is that the desorption and regeneration of molecular sleves USES a vacuum system.


Product Features

• The absorber adopts special airflow distribution structure to ensure uniform distribution of airflow and improve the utilization rate of the molecular sieve bed layer.

• Adsorber structure of vertical double bed, the lower activated alumina, can reduce the influence of water on the molecular sieve adsorption performance, in molecular sieve regeneration stage vacuum at the same time, the use of desorption nitrogen and clean air for alumina without thermal regeneration, improve the service life of molecular sieve.

• The special molecular sieve for oxygen production was adopted, and after a long time of practice assessment, the performance was stable and reliable, and the special activated alumina was used to adsord oxygen to be used to make oxygen, so as to effecively protect the molecular sieve.


Process Flow Chart of Oxygen Generator


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