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What are the routine maintenance of PSA nitrogen making machine system

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Daily maintenance of PSA nitrogen making machine air compressor:

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(1) Drain the oil and gas barrel: Open the oil and gas barrel drain valve a little before starting to drain the condensed water when the machine stops, and close it immediately when there is lubricating oil flowing out.

(2) Check the oil level: the oil level should be above the alarm line.

(3) Check the changes of the exhaust temperature, lubricating oil temperature, motor temperature and other parameters during the operation of the air compressor.

(4) Check for leaks in the pipeline and whether the pipe joints are loose.

(5) Whether there is abnormal sound when the air compressor is running.

Daily maintenance of PSA nitrogen making machine filter:

(1) Check whether the drain valve at the bottom of the filter is working properly.

(2) Check whether the differential pressure gauge of the filter is in the normal display position.

Daily maintenance of PSA nitrogen making machine:

(1) Whether the manually operated valve is sensitive and normal.

(2) Check whether the pressure value of the dual part is at the set value.

(3) Check whether the display of the meter is normal.

(4) Check whether there is black powder in the muffler.